WCS2015: Thank you!

As I’ve said, maybe a million times before, World Cosplay Summit was one of the most amazing experiences of my life! When we waited for our flight in Helsinki Airport back to Oulu, our hometown, I tweeted that “I still haven’t cried #tooswagtocry”. Next day when I woke from my own bed, drank my morning coffee, started writing, I couldn't stop the tears after all. I realized it was all over and I probably will never meet all those people again. I realized that after 4 years of wanting to go to WCS and finally getting there, it was really all over.

You don't realize it right away, but you usually never get a chance to meet cosplayers from 26 different countries at the same place, it's a pretty amazing. Even though I've written so much criticism about the event, the first thing that comes to mind when I think about WCS is not all the things that had gone wrong, it is the amazing people I met and the honor of being the ones who got to experience all this as guests in Nagoya! Most of the time I loved WCS! This will be the last post about WCS 2015 so it's time to thank all the amazing people who helped us during our journey and made this event possible!

First I must thank all the people here in Finland who have supported us and inspired us! Iiris, Ilona, Hootti and Uruhara FC's Päivi and Satu hav been great alumni’s to us and gave us lots of information about WCS. I wish I can be as great alumni to the next representatives as you have been to us! Thanks to Tracon for sponsoring our trip to Nagoya. Thanks to all Finnish cosplayers who watched the stream and followed our WCS journey during this year. Especially I want to thank my family and friends and my fiancé, who knows the best what I've been going through. Without all the supporters in Finland all this wouldn’t have been possible. 
Friends and family watching live stream from Nico nico douga.

Next thank you all who supported us in Japan! Toshiki (btw I'm always saying Takashi, sorry XD) and Mana, our amazing omotenashi students in Nagoya. You both were so nice and helpful and I hope you enjoyed the time you spent with us like we enjoyed the time we spent with you! Team Germany's Asuka, we will also miss you! We're still laughing about the thing you did at oh!-sta.

And of course we're really grateful to all the people who made WCS possible, all the sponsors, all the Teams, Nagoya International Hotel, etc. The organizers, The Big Boss (at least I think he is) Ed Hoff was an amazing person! He was on our side always, understood the cosplayers and tried his best to cheer us forwards! I really didn't have the courage to talk to him, but I still admired from afar. He was kind of "a cosplayers best friend" during the whole trip. Thanks also to all the amazing fellow cosplayers whom we met in WCS. Especially Team Germany, Team Singapore, Team France, Team Sweden and Team Russia. I hope someday we will meet again! You are all welcome to Finland! I have a great brand new couch if you want to become my houseguests, I really mean it! You have my facebook, let’s keep in touch and visit sometime!

Crepes not crabs.

I will miss Eetu for sure! I'm really picky when it comes to people with who I can be myself around and Eetu is one of these people. Eetu was the best translator, great photographer, blogger and assistant during this trip. I'm happy that he lives in Finland and we can meet in Finnish conventions even if it's not the same anymore.
Nus? Einus?

And the person I want to thank most is my WCS partner Kaisa! It's us who worked hard for years and finally reached our goal. We can say mean things to each other, be annoying and especially I can be really harsh sometimes to Kaisa when it comes to making cosplay, but that’s what makes us a great team. We can say what’s on our minds and just go back to work. Kaisa lived at my place for 2 months and it’s now weird because now I have to make morning coffee myself instead of texting her to the other room “Coffee NOW!”

What did I learn? First of all I got used to talking English. I'm ok at reading, writing and listening, but before WCS I was really shy when talking in English, because I’ve never had a chance to use it for a long time. After this I eve had the courage to become a tutor to Japanese students in my university. This sounds really cocky, but WCS made me realize that I can actually do things well and that Finnish cosplayers are freaking talented. Even though our scene is young, taking that into account, our countries craftsmanship skills are amazingly good! In WCS I learned to come out from my comfort zone more. Even though I was still me, I could do things that I don’t usually do or even ones that i'd usually be scared off, because that's what representatives must do, I think. As a Finn I’m pretty proud of myself that I was able to handle the heat of Nagoya. Of all the countries that represented In WCS, Finland was one of the ones with the coldest weather (around +15) and I made it without getting a sunstroke, heatstroke or getting sick. Last but not least I learned that cosplayers from all over the world are nuts in their own unique way and they are also freaking talented in different ways, like our grand champion Team Mexico aka Twin cosplay!  

When I become a better performer and cosplayer, who knows, maybe I'll apply again to the World Cosplay Summit! But before I start a new cosplay project, it’s important to relax and load some batteries for the new adventures. Or not... I actually have my next goal in sight already ;)

I don't have any words left but... 

...Thank you all and good luck 
for World Cosplay Summit 2016!

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