WCS2015: Osu-parade and Onsen episode!

Day 9 At Sunday morning we actually were cleverly ”late” from the parade. We were eating breakfast at the hotel diner at 9AM, when Eetu rushes in and says that the bus is leaving soon and we are like wtf we thought that the parade starts at 11AM. It did but for some reason teams needed to be there 1 hour early. 
Well me and Kaisa didn’t rush because if the parade didn’t start until 11am we didn’t see why we had to be there so early. Also we should have worn Yoko and Nia at the parade, but because I didn’t have the energy to fix Yoko’s wig the night before, I just decided to wear Poison. Luckily her costume is nice and cool. We did our make up and went to the parade place by taxi that costed only 700yens for 3 people, cheap! We arrived 30 minutes before the parade started and other teams had arrived to the waiting place, which was outside, an hour earlier. Everybody was so agonized because they had waited for so long for no reason so IT WAS GOOD THAT ME AND KAISA WERE LATE!
The parade started and I felt so bad for the other teams, because many of them didn’t feel so well, it was so hot again. Everybody was sweating like pigs again. No wonder since it was the hottest day in Nagoya, maybe over +38.C? Team Mexico, who was walking before us, offered their parasol even though they had much more uncomfortable costumes. These guys were so nice, like real royalties and gentlemen!

The parade was nice, but again it was kind of a mess, because nobody knew what to do. Was it ok to stop in line and pose? How long of a distance we had to keep with the other teams on the parade? It was a bit confusing, but the audience was nice and I felt like a celebrity again. What is it with Japanese old ladies and little sexy costumes? Every time during the events it was the old Japanese ladies that commented my costume “seksushiii” “kakkooiii” etc. It was weird and funny at the same time, hahaha! 

When the parade was over we went back to the hotel to take our costumes off and went to check Team Sweden’s and Team Canada’s performance at the Oasis shopping center where the WCS finals were held in 2012. I’m happy that WCS has changed the location to be indoors. After seeing all the performances in WCS, and of those of the observing countries, I can say that my favorite performance was the one the Chinese women made, so sexyyy! I’m happy that they won the best performance price, because that would have been my choice too. 

At the evening we had a little free time that we spent shopping again. We went to the Pokémon center and afterwards had a little room party with Team Singapore. We had a great time! We also had the stupidest ideas for WCS shows, I won’t tell you anything more about it!  

Day 10 It was time to relax at the Onsen! Half of the bus trip to the onsen I slept and half of it I was staring out of the bus window, because the scenery was so beautiful. It looked just like a scene from Mononoke Hime! Just too beautiful! 

We stayed at the same room with Team Portugal and Team Sweden. We threw our stuff to the room and I really wanted to go outside and look at the amazing scenery. It’s sad that in Japan the sun goes down so early, so we didn’t have a lot of time to admire the scenery. The sun was going down, so it was too dark to look around and we went back to our hotel room. In the onsen we were supposed to wear Yukatas, but I had absolutely no idea how to put the Yukata on. Luckily Team Sweden was so sweet and helped everyone in our room.

The onsen itself was nice. It was kind of like sauna. I love sauna, so of course I fell in love with onsen too. There was delicious food, lots of people and everybody could finally relax after the competition. I was really happy that the place was finally big enough for our big group and everyone was able to talk and eat behind their own little table while sitting, not standing. 

Picture Eetu Lampsijärvi
 I don’t remember anything specific about the onsen. Just the mood. I was observing the crying people around me and of course the mood was contagious. It was a pity that our journey had finally got to the end. It’s weird, but actually I didn’t feel like crying myself. I felt really bad for the other teams, because they looked so helpless. Most of the people will never see each other again. Even though all those people hanged around for just two weeks, they created a kind of a bond between them. And even though they never see each other again, they’ll still have the memory and the bond from this trip. At the same time the Onsen day was the most fun and most awful day of the whole trip.

After the group picture everyone started crying again while saying goodbyes to each other. To me it felt so weird and empty that I was going to return to Finland and there would be no WCS preparing anymore. We went back to our room and discussed about Närcon and other stuff with Team Sweden. It was our last night in Japan for this year, at least I think so. 

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