WCS2015: having fun and socializing in this event

Day 4 continued After Meiji mura it was time for the Joysound karaoke party. It was pretty much the same as the welcoming party, but there was karaoke which made the space even louder than before. Again it was too small of a space for 100 people and it was too loud, you couldn’t socialize with anyone without screaming. Food was good and drinks were free, so that was the plus side of this party again.

Picture Mana Ikeda
When the last song came which was We are the world everyone was hugging and smiling and having a good time hand in hand. I was really jealous of those people who were dancing together and sharing the moment. I wished I could be more like that and enjoy that kind of bonding moment that all the cosplayers shared together. But I couldn’t help myself but think “what bullshit is this, how superficial I want to puke, etc…” that’s who I am I guess… At that moment I didn’t like my own thoughts. I didn’t like myself that much at that moment and I was so jealous of those people who had fun when that song came out. These kind of events and moments are not for everyone and it’s a shame because I felt I was missing something. 

After the Joysound event I thought a lot about ‘socializing in WCS’ stuff. To me all the evening parties and stuff like that weren’t actually fun or awful, the events were mostly just ok. Most of the time I just listened to other people and were observing what was happening around me. Socializing at the events is just like how it is in any other party. If you are open and speaking to new people is in your nature you will surely have a great time and make lots of new friends. But if you are a shy one and starting a conversation with strangers takes a lot out of you mentally, the events may be really tiring and mentally tough. In our team; Kaisa was babbling with everyone and most of the time I was just listening and that’s how it always goes and it’s ok. 

Also the combination of partying all night long and waking up early for cosplay doesn’t suit everyone, for instance it doesn’t suit me. I must get a good nights sleep or else I’m your worst nightmare. I can’t make it through the day if I don’t get enough sleep. Some people in this event didn’t really understand cosplayers who wanted to go to bed early because they wanted to have energy for the next day. They considered those people just boring or party poopers. Not fair. (EDIT: ofcourse this is not the WCS fault. This is just how felt and I'm talking about the singular peoples).

Day 5 was our second free day! We spent the day by going to cosplay studio Oh!-sta with Team Singapore. We don’t have anything like that in Finland so we were very excited about the upcoming day. The studio was so nice and there were so many different backgrounds.
In the studio cosplayers had to use felt pieces under their shoes so that we couldn’t scratch the floor. The shooting was free for us, because the studio was a WCS sponsor, but even if we had to have paid for it would had been cheap. 1000y for 4 hours or something like that. SO CHEAP! 

Picture Yuuki Oshima

After photoshooting Cammy and Poison we went to a local street restaurant and I had yakisoba, I don’t remember what the others ate. We checked the Mandarake, a store that sells used anime stuff, but didn’t find anything interesting. At the evening we went to Karaoke with Eetu and our omotenashis. Mana and Toshiki were both so good singers so I felt I was just making other peoples ears bleed so I sung only a couple of songs and let the better ones sing :D After karaoke the plan was to get some food and go to a room party, but instead we just sort of got stuck at our hotel room where Eetu showed us some baaaaaad Finnish comedy videos on youtube. How lame is that, very! Nah for real though; we had fun. 

Day 6 started with a Brother company tour. I don’t really have anything specific to say about the tour. It was ok. During the tour it was easy to notice the team clicks/chemistry that had born. In WCS there are the shy ones, that want to socialize but don’t have the courage to start a conversation. There are the ones who don’t want to socialize at all and the cool ones that are friendly with everyone. And ofcourse there were the prisoners of the language barrier. It may be mean to categorize cosplayers like that, but that’s how I saw the socializing going on in this event. 

After the Brother sponsor visit we put our costumes on for our visit to the governor. And I must say it was more nerve wrecking than performing in the finals. On the stage I know what I’m doing, but in that meeting I didn’t have any idea what’s going to happen. When we introduced ourselves, in Japanese, I accidentally said the postfix –san after my name and as soon as I said it I wanted to die. I was so embarrassed. You never put those postfixes after your own name! I just wanted to jump off from the nearest cliff and this shame also followed me back to Finland. Anyway, besides that mistake, it was also horrible experience because it felt so official and there we’re so many TV cameras around us. I was really nervous because I didn’t want to do ANYTHING that was disrespectful or wrong in any way. The governor was a cool guy and he showed up dressed like a jedi. After the official meetings we participated in some American document. After all that I was so sleepy I needed to take a nap. 

Picture Eetu Lampsijärvi
The evening was really interesting! After my nap we went eating with Eetu, Korean Alumni Taeyeon and TV-aichi cameraman aka TV-aichi cameraman hero. We tried to find a yakiniku place, but all the yakiniku places were closed so this advertiser near our hotel convinced us that you can eat in the restaurant he was advertising. We went in, they brought us the appetizers and wanted to know what we wanted to drink. Then we looked the menu and there wasn’t any food, only little snack with a high prices. So we wanted to change restaurants naturally because we wanted an actual meal. 

Me and Kaisa had ordered lemon sour drinks which were still in their unopened bottles so Tayeaon and the Aichi guy asked if we could have a refund because there wasn’t any food as was promised outside.The manager of the place came to us and explained that the drinks are not cold anymore so they can’t serve them anymore… As if he couldn’t put the two bottles back in the freezer… They argued about this bullshit for half an hour and the manager even threatened to call the police. The situation was interesting because in Finland someone would had gone really mad and started screaming and shouting, but in Japan they solved the problem with a passive-aggressive conversation. Aichi guy said that these kind of things don’t usually happen and he was our hero because he paid for everything even though he didn’t have to. Can’t thank him enough! After we left the manager came to the front door to apologize and said that someplace else may be more expensive, which was total bullshit. In the end we changed restaurants and got food and had a really nice time.

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