WCS2015: The actual competition part 1

Day 7 Was the rehearsal day. When I saw the competition place I was really pleased with the backstage area! Thank you for that! I’ve heard from past representatives that the backstage wasn’t good and there weren’t enough mirrors for everyone etc. This year the backstage was organized really well. There was lots of space for our stage props, good air-conditioning, food and decent changing rooms.
Picture Mizuki Kawai

I was also really impressed by the lighting possibilities WCS offered to us. I must thank the amazing lighting man/woman who planned great lights for our show. We had sent our practice video of our show earlier and based on that they had planned the lights for our show. They were seriously the best lights we ever had! We got to rehearse our performance twice and the rest of the day was off again. 

Day 8 Was finally the day of the competition! We woke up early to eat breakfast and put on our red carpet costumes Melvia and Gino. The day was extremely hot again and I was happy to wear Melvia because she only has a bra, jacket and skirt. Much cooler and comfortable outfit than some other teams. I must say the red carpet was maybe my favorite of all the cosplay events, because it felt that each team got to be kind of superstars for a while. I mean, come on, when do you have a chance to walk on a red carpet while hundreds of people take your picture? We were posing and waving and smiling and I actually forgot the heat because the event was so fun. 

Picture Zweit
After Red carpet we had two hours to change our costumes, eat and go to the place where the finals were held. Because we were the first team to perform, we went there earlier by taxi while the other teams came later by bus. When we arrived we checked our props again and put the last pieces of the costume on. When we were putting those pieces on, the Brother company’s representatives came to see our costumes. One of the judges asked when I said that everything was hand stitched on my costume and embroidery took me about 200 hours to make:

“Wouldn’t it be easier to do that by machine?” 

I don’t know if this was a joke, but I don’t think so because he said this with a neutral face. Maybe he was just trying to be clever since he was a sewing machine company’s employee, that’s understandable I guess. But at that moment I was really amused, because I thought that the Brother award goes to the team that has highest skills in making handicrafts and the Brother company’s representatives, who are giving that award, are asking me why I am working so hard with my handicrafts!? Well of course because it looks better when you do it by hand and it shows that I’ve put more effort towards my costume. Isn’t it the point of cosplay, and WCS of course, that cosplayer can do things on their own? 

What about the actual performing on the stage? I think we did our performance like planned, but then there were the misplaced stage props... At the rehearsals everything went well, no problems. When the actual competition began the staff put our props way too close to each other and there was too little space to move during our performance. The misplaced props restricted my movement because I had to move under and front of the rainbow-prop with my big hat the props should have not been so close to each other as it also meant that my sideways movement was restricted, I had to be close to the props. It made moving harder for me and show looked messier and compressed, as opposed to well planned and open, because the props were too close to each other. If the staff cannot do this job during those 40seconds correctly A) they should have more time to put the props in the right places or B) WCS organizers should restrict the amount of props on stage, more than what they do now.

I don’t blame the staff who brought out stuff on the stage. They did their best and were really nice to us, but I’m still sad about what happened, because the show would have looked so different if the props would have been in their right places. We weren’t the only ones whose props were misplaced. Some other team had problems too, some with lights instead of props. All cosplayers put so much time, energy and money towards this competition so one misplaced prop or having the wrong lights can ruin years of work that those cosplayers have done! 

I was also a little offended that nobody apologized to me and Kaisa. They said sorry to our translator when we weren’t there, but not directly to us. I think our 4 year work suffering due to their mistake at least merits an apology.

Besides our performance it was nice to follow the other teams’ performances on screen in our changing room. I think the level of the skits was so amazing! Everybody were like superstars on the stage and the costumes looked so good. I was so inspired when I saw how many different stage prop settings people had invented, costume changes and all. Just WOW! And Conratulations to to Team Mexico our new champion, you guys were amazing!

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